Have Fun with Astronomy!

Hanwell Observatory

Stargazing at the Park

To be announced
Hanwell Recreation Park
Weather permitting
The location is subject to change -- Please check back here.

We will be developing a plan for the fall. The new community centre is
under construction and we may move to an alternate location temporarily.

Calendar of Events

FREE -- Public outreach and observing sessions
are held at the Hanwell Recreation Park
(our "open sky" observatory)
2 km south of Scholten's Shell
on the second Saturday of each month in 2018, weather permitting.

This is subject to change
The location is also subject to change -- Please check back here.

Bring binoculars, telescopes, curiosity etc.
Hanwell Recreation Park - 2 km south of Scholten's Shell

Public invited... 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 (Daylight Savings time)... or whenever people get tired!
Free Starfinders available to every participant.

To be added to our stargazing reminder e-mail list... E-mail us.

Setup: at sunset
Observing begins: at 8 p.m. or the end of civil twilight (whichever is later)
Check sunset and twilight times here

Click on the image below for the Hanwell Clear Sky Chart

Funding Application
Our application for a grant from Hanwell Council may be viewed HERE.

Unfortunately the request was turned down. No reason was given and no partial funding was granted.
The letter from the mayor is HERE. The motion was made by councillors Dave Morrison and Nicole Carlin.

Sidewalk Astronomer Program:
a short Astronomy program for beginners of all ages
using the Sidewalk Astronomer booklet produced by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.
Details are available here.

With the Sidewalk Astronomer Program you will be introduced
to observing the constellations, planets, and the moon.

This is offered to adults as well as children.

e-mail stars@ourhanwell.ca for information

Constellations of the Month for January-February: Orion and Taurus



This Week's Stargazing Tips

Turn out the lights and be dazzled


The Hanwell Observatory invites all residents to join in exploring the wonders of the night sky.

The Hanwell Observatory (the Hanwell Astronomy Club) is an organization dedicated to sharing the wonders of starry skies with the public. Members are local residents who belong to the William Brydone Jack Astronomy Club, (WBJAC) a unit of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's New Brunswick Centre. The WBJAC meets in Fredericton on the second Tuesday of every month excluding summer, and on other dates for observing sessions or special events. The New Brunswick Centre meetings are held here twice a year. ANYONE with an interest in astronomy is invited to attend any gathering.

Hanwell observing sessions are generally on clear Saturday nights, or anytime there is something exceptional to see. We observe and take photos of the planets, variable and double stars, comets, and deep sky objects. All of our events are open to the public and we encourage anyone with an interest in the night sky to attend!

Our observing location is at the Hanwell Recreation Park or alternatively in Eaglewood subdivision. Our activities are possible because there are no street lights. We value the dark sky in this area (naked eye star visibility magnitude 6.5) and are doing what we can to encourage responsible lighting to avoid spilling unnecessary light pollution into the night sky. The views of the milky way, star clusters, and nebulas are truly fabulous here.

We also participate in the quest for the various RASC observing certificates. Check this page for details on the "Explore the Universe" certificate program.

To get on the alert list for observing sessions, or to contact us for directions to our observing site or more information, send an e-mail to stars@ourhanwell.ca. Observers should wear warm clothes and bring binoculars if you have them.

The WBJAC includes amateur astronomers, teachers, professionals, youth, and anyone who has any interest in the night sky from many walks of life. Our meetings are held to discuss astronomy topics as well as what's up in the night sky. Many of us enjoy observing with our own telescopes but we love to share views of the heavens with others. We welcome all to come and join us and experience the wonders of our night sky.


WBJAC - frederictonastronomy.ca
Royal Astronomical Society - rasc.ca
New Brunswick Centre - rascnb.ca/
Hanwell clear sky chart - cleardarksky.com/c/HnwllNBkey.html?1
International Dark Sky Association - Lighting - darksky.org/lighting/